Ozark Memorial Park Crematory burial vault uses an air-seal dome construction design and are built onsite in our facility.  The fact that the dome is molded or poured in one piece and then inverted placing the opening at the bottom of the burial vault is the key design feature that assures complete water protection.  It is not dependent on man-made seals of rubber, plastic, or sealant.

It is important that a family has peace of mind knowing they have chosen the best protection for the burial of their loved one.  The Ozark Memorial Park In-Ground Burial Vault is built from the highest quality steel-reinforced concrete, our in-ground burial vaults provide moisture proof protection for the casket.  At the same time, the support given to the ground above (support for over 10,000 lbs) helps keep it from settling or caving in.

For more call 417-624-0184 or toll free 888-624-0184


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