Why Cremation Should Be An Option

Ozark Memorial Park Crematory understands and specializes in assisting with the difficult decisions that come with making arrangements for cremation in advance or assisting an at need family.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

What choices are available in memorialization?

  • in ground with memorial
  • cremation bench
  • niches
  • private estate
  • broad selection of permanent urns

How does the cost of cremation compare to more traditional burials?

The basic fee for direct cremation is substantially less than that of a traditional burial.

What about scattering the cremated remains?

This is very much a personal and emotional decision. Some choose to keep the cremated remains in a permanent urn in their home. Ozark Memorial Park Cemetery has a scattering garden within our dedicated property with the option for permanent memorialization.

Is cremation becoming more popular?

Yes, in recent years the percentage of cremation has steadily increased. Cremation is accepted by most religions today.

Should I make arrangements in advance?

Yes, the topic of cremation should be discussed with family members in advance. Arrangements for memorialization should be discussed at this time as well to avoid impulse and emotional purchases. Making arrangements in advance allows for all parties to make a business decision rather than an emotional purchase during an already trying time.

Creamation Bench
Cremation Bench

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